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Entry #11

butter on breeeeeesaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

2011-02-01 10:01:44 by whaledick

hey there slaves! i know daddys been away for awhile because newgrounds is a fucking dump 4chan is much better. u jelly?
also went to las palmas and slapped some chick in the face with my dong

butter on breeeeeesaaaaaaaaaaaaaad


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2011-02-03 21:42:04

sontuk more like massive fucking IDIAT

whaledick responds:

thats what im talking about dawgy d


2011-02-13 15:48:11

Right, of course there would be a crab....
Early V-day present to you person I never knew XD


2011-06-16 06:16:24

Hot teen masturbating on cam.

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She starts crying at the end.